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What makes us special?

Great solutions are built by finest people. At Edixen, we are not just pitching our resources to you. When we talk about providing world-class developers with latest in-depth technical knowledge and best industry practices; we mean it. That's why our Developers are the icing that your entire cake is made of.

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Varied Services
We have all the expertise including PHP, Android, iOS Developers, Java, JS, React, Node, Laravel, Magento – the list goes on. So, you decide on the technology and programming language for your web or mobile project. We will pitch the right developers for your project needs.
Transparency is our mantra
We keep it real from the very word go. The resources that are pitched to you ACTUALLY have the skills you are showcased. We don’t want to get projects without having the capacity to deliver. That’s why we keep our developers’ expertise as transparent to ensure that you know what they can deliver to you.
High-end Resource Pool
Finding great resources from the market is an art itself. We have a very vigorous hiring process where shortlisted candidates go through several rounds of tests and interviews. Therefore, we provide best developers as extension of your company resources.
We understand your business
Having great resources for a project is not the only thing. They need to deliver. At day-end, it’s important to understand the project requirements, and the development complexity. Along-side project budget, and timelines; we put in accurate science to screen candidates that are then presented to you for a final confirmation.
Training and Continuous Learning
Our resources continue growing through experiences that are further enforced through learning of new skills. They acquire necessary tricks of the trade through certifications and the right attitude to remain as the industry’s finest.
Sure, we sign the NDA, all the contracts and anything possible to keep you secure. But most of all, we value our commitments. That’s why reliability is a crucial factor when it comes to delivering the right business, at the right time. We don’t miss out on any aspect as agreed upon.
Our Valus

Why should you work with us?

We employ a small core staff of senior-level consultants, and draw from our pool of subject matter experts when their expertise can help us serve you better. The result? A highly nimble, more efficient approach to giving you the services you need, when you need them.


Idea Refinement

You bring your novel business idea to us. Then, we work together on improving your business idea. Moreover, we help you enhance it to the extent to even tell you how viable it is. Once, we do polish it up, and agree on direction to take up, then it's time to move forward.


Requirements Engineering

We breakdown the high-level requirements into smaller chunks. So that we can envision the business solution. Our consultants, analysts, architects and designers work together to build your idea into a prototype. This way, you can “see” the product.


Spotlight on Development

Our A-team, our Development gurus are the best people to develop your code. They do level best to be as meticulous as possible. So, our developers put efficiency, best practices and great attention to detail as major elements in the developed code.


Product Integrity

It's not just about developing a product. Our developers don't just brush up all the code around the corners as it remains “behind” a veil. What is developed is eventually visible on the end-result. That's why we think of the bigger picture by not cutting corners but going above and beyond in our delivery. We will show you a complete product roadmap. So that you don't just get a project delivered, but have a real product to showcase to the world.


Post Deployment and Support

Project is complete or it converts into a product that requires post deployment and CI? We believe in the latter. That's why our customers are seen through by our post deployment and support services. We want to make sure your app is successfully approved and deployed on the relevant platform. Because your success matters to us.

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